We’ve had this Spyderco Spydersaw in for a while at Unsponsored HQ. We love sharp things at Unsponsored HQ and sharp things arriving from the guys at Spyderco are always very welcome. We’ve been using various Spyderco knives both on and off the water for years and have found them to be top performers.

Spyderco Spydersaw

However this new arrival is a departure from the norm. It’s not a knife that has multiple uses, quite simply put it’s a monster of a saw with the prime purpose of cutting through tough material really quickly. Think boats, trees/branches etc.

Spyderco Spydersaw

From Spyderco:

When we set out to create a Spyderco saw we drew from our knifemaking knowledge incorporating many of our best knife features into a pocket-sized folding saw. Those features include: One-hand opening, premium blade steel, Spyderco cutting performance and a pocket clip.

For convenience the SpyderSaw has the Spyderco Round Hole allowing you to open the blade one-handedly. The AUS-6 steel blade has toothy dual level serrations off-set on both sides of the blade providing excellent bite and tear. Integrated into the FRN handle is a tip-up positioned pocket clip and a back lock with a David Boye Dent in the lock release lever. The Boye Dent is a refined safety feature, helping eliminate unintentional release of the lock if you’re gripping the handle tightly. The SpyderSaw is intended for sawing wood, bone and fibrous materials, making it a useful tool for campers, paddlers, hunters, and for pruning, and yard chores.

Spyderco Spydersaw

Spyderco Spydersaw Specs:

Overall Length 10.438″ (265 mm)
Blade Length 4.875″ (124 mm)
Closed Length 5.875″ (151 mm)
Edge Length 4.687″ (119 mm)
Weight 3 oz (84.5 g)
Blade Thickness .063″ (1.5 mm)
Steel AUS-6
Handle FRN
Clip Position Tip
Origin Japan