Over the years I have managed to amass a huge number of dry bags in various different sizes and various different materials. Despite the wide range and variety they have all been purchased with the intention of keeping my kit clean and dry. In most cases the kit I want protected are things that must be kept dry at all costs, for example, spare clothing, mobile phone and car keys. I therefore have a number of “go to” drybags and stuff sacks that I know I can depend upon.

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Ortlieb Dry Bag

I consider Ortlieb to be the daddy of dry bags. I have owned an Ortlieb dry bag for years and it is still going strong after more than 20 years of use. The kit is simply very well built and ultra tough.


Expedkit is widely available on the Internet and pretty much all UK outdoor shops. They make good solid drybags and stuff sacks that last really well. In recent years they have also started to make some super light weight models made from silnylon.

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Sea to Summit Event Dry Bag

The inclusion on an Event panel of the dry bags allows air to be expelled from the system while the fastening is secure and in place. This a quite a nice little feature. I have a number of compression stuff sacks from Summit to Sea that I use for my sleeping bags.

Sea to Summit Event Compression Dry Sack

Sea to Summit Silnylon

Sea to Summit also produce a wide range of silnylon stuff sacks. These are marketed under the ultra-sil nano name to highlight the light weight nature of the sacks.

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Alp Kit

Alp Kit are known for their low priced/high quality kit. They are a UK based firm that sells direct to the customer cutting out the middle man and helping to keep the prices low.

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Don’t let the good price let you think that this is cheap kit. All of the stuff sacks I have are used on a regular basis and can take a beating.

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