Gush is produced by Good Gravy Productions and attempts to add a little comedy into the kayak video market. This makes it a bit of a wierd one. The good thing to say about it is that there is some fantastic boating and lots of play. This includes some big water creeking, play, surf and even some squirt boarting – which is good to see.

In amongst the action however there a little annoying comedy type sketches, probably quite funny at the time but they detract from the kayak theme. This includes a foray into late night TV with the inclusion of a strip show! Not good. Too much max power and not enough max paddling!


A warning should also be included with video because of the use of strobe lighting. The section concerned shows cartwheels being performed in a swimming pool that is only lit with some serious strobe lighting. So be warned.

Would I buy it again, probably not. The kayak action is good, there is just not enough of it.