The 4Fun, FINALLY a boat for the taller paddlers… This boat has been geared towards those out there, who like me are tall, (6’04”) But not exactly on the heavy side (12 1/2 stone last time I checked). It’s big on foot room, and can easily accommodate size 12 feet. It’s a river runner/playboat. So it won’t be the most radical boat on the river/ weir, but it can hold its own.

Specs –

Length: 6′ 8″
Width: 26.75″
Height: 14.375″
Volume: 63 gallons
Cockpit: 36″ x 20.75″
Weight: 34 lbs
Target Weight Range: 165 – 220 lbs

The outfitting are very basic, and yet very comfortable. With an adjustable foam seat that is held in with Velcro and 2 screws. The introduction of the “happy feet” foot bag is more than welcome, with the ability to adjust your footrest position whilst still sat in the boat. (Although the air tubes used to inflate it are a bit on the short side).There is also the fact that the boat doesn’t have any external screws except the 2 security broach bars, meaning less chance of the wet stuff getting in, but lesser chance of getting it out. This is usually overcome by the use of a good sponge.

Anyway, my first impressions of the boat are that its very light and can be thrown around on the flat with a degree of ease. As already mentioned it’s not an out and out playboat (See the All-star for that). On a wave, then it comes into its own. Super quick hull, makes surfing/spinning easy, and the slicey ends mean the cartwheeling is a doddle, but the nature of the boat means that you’re always in control. Of note though, it did have a tendency to front surf whilst upside down.

On the downside, and there must always be a downside. Is that the foam on the thigh braces isn’t very well secured and the foam will come off and get stuck to your paddling trousers, ect. Also the hip pads are a bit too snug for my liking, and this is without any additional foam pads added. (I’m only a 34” waist, and have a skinny arse).

All in all, it’s a great boat for all round use and at only £700 it’s not the most expensive on the market either.

For further details go to – Square Rock

Review by

Mark Mills