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Playboater Workdeck – Review

Since the production of the I.T.S deck Playboater has long been established as one of the best spraydeck manufacturers in the UK if not the world. Over the years I have owned three Playboater decks. The first being an I.T.S deck followed by two workdecks. I still have all three and all three are in A1 condition. Even the I.T.S deck which by now must be an antique. None have been replaced through damage of any sort and have only been retired when new boats have come along.

Playboater Workdeck - Review

My most recent deck is about three months old and has been put through its paces fastened to a Prijon Delirious and thrown about at Hurley, the Teesside WW course and various surfing venues.

Playboater Workdeck - Review
Playboater Deck on a Liquidlogic Stomper

The deck itself is made out of heavy duty neoprene with a shock corded elastic edge. This particular deck is a “big deck” and fits the Delirious easily, and has no intention of caving in or popping off. This is partly due to the layer of rubber inside of the deck where it makes contact with the cockpit.

The body tube has the trade mark snug fit and gives an excellent seal without being uncomfortable. A nice silver reflective screen print adorns the centre of deck which also has a protective layer of rubber on 3/4s of its perimeter. This gives extra protection to the edge of the deck and makes sure it will see many hours service before showing any sign of wear.

Playboater Workdeck - Review
QR Buckle on the grab loop

Over the years I have owned various boats and have used many different decks, but time and time again I return to the Playboater decks. They are bombproof decks made out of quality material that do the job very well.

I had a number of problems finding a deck that would fit the Delirious without being too tight or too slack, as its cockpit shape is non-standard to say the least – don’t always believe what the manufacturers say. I dealt with System X direct who were extremely helpful at every stage and allowed me to try a number of decks before I got my sizing right! So a big thanks to Nick and the rest of the team.

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  1. Kirstie Mac

    Can’t agree more! Lost my Workdeck in the Alps and haven’t liked any decks I’ve tried since! Couldn’t resist buying a new one last weekend. No compromise!

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