I received my Vixen helmet in November from America. Decided to buy a closeout (or end of line) helmet to save a few pounds and a friend brought it back to England for me. They retail at £100+ (see System X); I have a super chix one (chrome rim) which I think costs a little more.

Shred Ready - Vixen Helmet

Since November I spent most of my time sending the helmet back due to the US with gel coat problems, and straps falling off, but now (third helmet!!! Think I’m pretty unlucky) I think the helmet is awesome. I have a small head (56cm) and I need the smallest Vixen pads so that my head fits in the helmet (i.e. big headed girls would probably not fit in one of these). The fit is perfectly snug, and and I don’t feel any points of excessive pressure.

Shred Ready - Vixen Helmet

I think the best way to use the H.O.G system is to put the helmet on with the H.O.G. system really loose. Fasten the chin strap, and then use the rachet to tighten the H.O.G strap. This means that there is no chance its going to pulled off your head.

I’m now really happy with my helmet and would recommend it to anyone. It also looks ace!!

Georgie Wilkins – Leeds Uni Canoe Club