The Frostfire Moonbag comes in two varieties one zipped and the other closed via a drawstring. This review is for the drawstring version.

Here is what Frostfire have to say about the moonbag –

“The Moonbag is a patent pending bag designed for easy changing from wet and dry clothes. The bag opens out into a circular changing mat that has a heavy-duty nylon base designed to protect your feet. A padded centre aids comfort while an easy-to-clean plastic top makes for an ideal changing platform.”

The Unsponsored verdict –

Getting changed in a dirty car park/layby is always a nightmare. How many times have you balanced on one leg and tried to grab a shoe and keep your freshly placed sock dry? Happens all the time!

The Moonbag I guess is one of those simple products that does its job well. the bag itself is formed from one single piece of round heavy weight nylon. This eliminates the need for taped seams etc. In the centre of the bag is a small circle of foam that feels very similar to the kind of foam used for camping mats. The mat is sealed in so I am unable to comment on the density of the foam itself, but I see no reason why it should break down or degrade through normal use.

Around the outer edge of the fabric is the drawstring which is a fairly good quality cord that should stand the test of time. The drawstring has been thread into the outer edge through two metal eyelets. Both of which seem pretty heavy duty. When pulled the drawstring helps to form the Moonbag into its bag like shape and is held tight through the use of one of those barrel toggles we are so familiar with. In addition to this the bag also has two triangular “D” rings mounted to the outside of the bag that are used to secure a shoulder carrying strap.

So how does it perform?

“Well” is the short answer. You simply undo the drawstring, lay the bag out and get changed. Your feet remain well cushioned, clean and dry. Once changed the bag can then be used to carry your wet/dirty kit home without getting the back of the car in a mess.

Several of us have tested the item over the last few months whilst out on mountain biking and kayaking trips. Items such as shoes, shorts, shirts, jackets, decks and even full wetsuits will happily be accommodated within the Moonbag. PFD’s however are a little too large to fit, so PFD’s found themselves a home inside of the kayak. After some discussion we decided that a 30 -40% increase in the bags diameter would allow PFD’s and other larger/bulky items to be housed along with the other kit. When the kit was really wet the bag did a great job of keeping the water where it needed to be i.e. in the bag and not in the boot of the car! I was concerned that maybe the stitching that secures the foam padding in place could be a source of water egress but as yet this has not been the case.

Once back at base and empty the bag is easily rinsed down to get rid of mud/sand etc and drys pretty quickly ready for the next trip.

Overall this is a quality, well made bit of kit that works. For kayaking it has it’s limitations (storage of PFD – see comments above) but it is still a good bit of kit to have around and use.

The Moonbag can be found in most good surf shops and online. It retails for around £17 but with a little bit of searching can be found for less.