The Five Ten (5.10) Nemo Shoes are one of the best ways to keep your toes protected, and they let you walk as safely as possible in tough terrain. Like most neoprene shoes, these guys are warm and comfortable. What set these shoes apart from others are their soles. Their soles are made of 5.10’s Aqua Stealth rubber, which 5.10 developed specifically for technically savvy anglers, kayakers, canoeists, ww raft guides and search & rescue workers. The soles are also very flexible, which allows you to squeeze your feet quite comfortably into the smallest of boats (I had no problem getting into a disco with size ten feet). But they still protect you from those nasty little stones that always seem to find the boney part of your sole.

I found using the shoes on the Teesside ww course for rafting three to four times a week meant that the soles wore down rapidly (within about 3 months), however the soles can be replaced by a 5.10 recommended company for a cost or with a DIY kit that’s available on the net! I also found that the mesh outer could rip quite easily is caught on a raft seam.

Their close fit, good fastening system and fast draining design meant that swimming in these shoes was no problem and lacked the customary “dragged down” feeling usually experienced with wetsuit boots.

I have used the Nemo’s extensively over the past couple years and have been through two diffrent pairs. The Nemo’s are not the cheapest of canoeing shoes and may not be the best, but if you want a pair of shoes that offer comfort and all round protection then the Nemo’s or one of its relations may be the shoes to get.

Update 2011 – The Nemo has been replaced by the water tennies in the 5.10 line up and I will be receiving a pair to test out.