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Five Ten (5.10) Water Tennies

I have been using Five Ten products on on off for the last 12+ years. Doing a very quick count I have found that I have gathered a number of Five Ten products, including climbing shoes, mountain bike shoes, approach shoes and now the Five Ten (5.10) Water Tennies.

A number of years ago I used the Nemo shoes for both whitewater rafting and kayaking, I found the grip very good even on greened up concrete. But I could never of got into my current play boat whilst wearing them.

Five Ten (5.10) Water Tennies

So how do the Water Tennies fair up. The design is low profile and as a result I can easily get in my creek boat and play boat without any issues. They are close fitting and have enough height in the ankle to help protect the socks on my dry suit from rogue stones. In fact they remind me of old style climbing boots in many ways. They have a fine mesh construction so the little water that does get in can drain very easily. I have went half a size up to accommodate my drysuit/socks which has worked well. From that I believe the sizing is pretty much spot on with “normal” shoe sizing.

Five Ten (5.10) Water Tennies

Five Ten (5.10) Water Tennies

Five Ten (5.10) Water Tennies

I have scrambled up wet rocks, concrete, grass and have even had a swim whilst wearing them and to be honest never thought about the fact I was wearing a pair of boots. At this stage I cannot fault them, fit, construction etc is spot on. Only time will tell if they will take abuse week in and week out.


  1. Adrian C

    How Are you getting on with them a year on

    • admin

      Very well. I have to force my self to pick up the Astral Brewers. The 5:10 are wearing very well. No real signs of serious wear. Laces and eyelets are all holding up well. Very impressed – still!

  2. jack gibbs

    trying to find a uk retailer that sells them, would you know any good good sites to get a pair?

  3. Mike A

    Do these appear to be longer lasting than Canyoneers? A superb shoe only let down by the fact that they fall apart after a year.

    • Unsponsored

      They certainly seem to last much longer. No padding. Not very many pieces.

      • Mike A

        Cheers for the reply

  4. Jon

    Having owned these for 2 years now to answer peoples questions about how do they hold up all I can say is ok. They split after about a year, no amount of re-gluing will stop them splitting again and again even using black witch but they don’t seem to disintegrate further having initially split…touch wood

    • Unsponsored

      Interesting images. They are the newer ones compared to mine.

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