J3 Industries is a US based company who produce state of the art composite helmets. Currently, J3 has 5 different styles of helmets for the public market including a womens line. J3 has sponsored several progressive kayakers who have competed in national and international whitewater kayaking competitions and who are at the forefront in exploring new rivers, developing new moves and tricks, and creating first descents on rivers nationally. J3 Industries is also the official sponsor of the United States Freestyle Team.

The helmet I have chosen as my main lid is the J3 freestyle. The construction of the lids takes 3 forms; Glass, Carbon or Carbon Kevlar. The shell is a one piece composite affair which gives greater strength and durability due to the fact that all (weak) joints/overlaps have been removed. The shell comes in one size fits all with a high density foam liner which is available in a range of sizes to meet the users needs. The edge of this lid is finished off with either a black or chrome trim. The shell is an excellent shape which comfortably accomodates a range of head sizes/shapes without uncomfortable pressure points.

Custom Unsponsored J3 Helmet

The freestyle is of a peaked design and can be worn either way round – Both set ups feel comfortable. With its small peak and secure chinstrap, this helmet is going to go nowhere even in the harshest of trashings – I know I have been there!

J3 helmets in action

I have tried or owned most of the lids currently available on the market and I have to say that I have been very impressed by J3. If you want a stylish, comfortable, well constructed and well designed helmet from a company that knows what paddlers want and are easy to deal with then look no further than J3 Industries. Keep an eye out for J3 lids coming to the UK and Europe.