The Sweet Shadrach has been used a fair few times over the last month or so. I have used the Shadrach whilst river running, creeking and playboating during this time. The Shadrach has also been worn during a couple of wet exits.

First things first – I love the green. This is the first Goretex dry cag that I have worn and it feels great. I haven’t really noticed any major difference in breathability between this and my cags made from Entrant. What is clear is the cut of the Shadrach is superb, it has to be one of the best fitting cags that I have worn.

One of the big gripes about the previous incarnations of the Shadrach were the fact that body tunnel construction meant that getting the cag on and off was a bit of a job. The velcro adjustable body tube takes care of this admirably, its snug when done up to give a good seal against your deck, but is also super easy to get off.

Dryness is pretty good, I get a little water down the neck seal which is comparable to the other cags I have. The wrist seal and the waist seals are all excellent.

The Shadrach is my go to cag. What could make it better? – A short sleeved version.