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Titan Kayaks – The Mix

Here we have an exclusive of the new sit on top play/fun boat from Titan Kayaks.

There have been a few leaked images but none have had clear shots of the boat.

The Mix will be officially launched this weekend.

So here it is.


Super excited to launch this surprise 2017 product early this year! This boats been a bit of a dream concept of mine for some time now.

Is it going to win the next worlds? Probably not haha, but for everyone else who’s just out there to have a great time the MIX is crazy fun and a boat you’ve got to try this summer!

Rolls easily, paddles smoothly even down white water, spins like no ones business and even hull to hull air screws… so far the skies the limit.

Basically what we’ve done is take an amazing freestyle hull design and developed a unique sit on top set up above. The high outer walls give the boat central volume while also providing control through the thighs… thigh and hip control are then increased by using the Thigh brace system which can be added or removed optionally depending on the user.

Basically this is what happens when you put a fantasy kayak factory in the hands of a bunch of athletes… random goodness..

Did I mention they are $620USD shipped to your door.

Special thanks to Lachie Carracher from Follow-The-River, and Hamish Ian Mackellar from Gimbal4K for putting together this sweet promo add.


  1. Ollie Castle

    Is there gonna be a C1 version?

    • Chucky

      Easiest boat ever to convert to a C1!!

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