The detail on the WS site is a little small. So here it is in an easy to read size. Images of the Carbon Mobius by Dale Mears included as they are superb!


Wave Sport’s new freestyle machine is short and fast with forgiving qualities that allow beginners to the sport of freestyle to learn and progress quickly, while offering seasoned competitors an experience they too will appreciate.


Between the rounded edges, the sculpted side walls, and the soft curvature of the bow, this predictable design makes loops, mcnastys and phonix monkeys easy to initiate.


It is extremely loose and fast on waves, featuring a continous rocker profile and a stern release edge that allows quick acceleration down a wave.


Mobius 49

Length 168cm
Width 64cm
Deck Height 37cm
Cockpit size 84 x 47cm
Estimated Capacity 74kg
Estimated Weight 14kg

Expected Sept 1 2013.

Mobius 57

Length 175cm
Width 66cm
Deck Height 37cm
Cockpit size 84 x 48cm
Estimated Capacity 91kg
Estimated Weight 15kg

Expected Sept 1 2013.

Mobius 65

Length 183cm
Width 68cm
Deck Height 39cm
Cockpit size 91 x 50cm
Estimated Capacity 114kg
Estimated Weight 16kg

Expected Feb 1 2014.


So how does it compare to the Project X. As you’d expect it is reported that the Mobius will outperform the Project X on all levels. What is interesting is that this has been done with freestyle beginners in mind. So potentially Wavesport have created a high performing and highly dynamic freestyle kayak that is not just for the hardened playboating star.

The Mobius will be outfitted with the superb core whiteout outfitting system, which I love. Simple adjustment and superb fit.


In terms of spec the Mobius is 2″ shorter than it comparable Project X model. Despite this the Mobius is much faster thanks to the clever hull design. It has a quick release stern edges and continuous hull rocker for looseness and speed on waves. A wide stern and raised waterline is forgiving on waves and prevents pearling in a back surf. The compact bow and sculptured knee bumps allow for fast initiation of tricks and greater predictability for learning freestylers. This is put in a package that is both stiffer and lighter than the Project X.


More Mobius can be found here and here.