A mash-up of the bits of footage I collected from two months of alpine and norwegian adventuring. An incredible journey with great company, fantastic paddling and more than a few genuine sightings of the notorious Brown Stoat. Didn’t film everything we did because who can be bothered with that, but this should give you a decent flavour. Thanks to everybody we met and paddled with along the way. Hope to catch you soon.

Kayaking Summer Mishmash: Alpine Trolls and Norwegian Fromage from Jamie Greenhalgh on Vimeo.

Featured Alpine rivers: Mastallone, Sorba, Egua, Verzasca, Gronda, Sermenzina, Guil, Ubaye.
Featured Norwegian rivers: Sjoa, Susna, Jordal, Stronda, Myrkdal, Micklebust.
Music: Girl In The Fire- Pendulum
One Day/The Reckoning- Asaf Avidan (Wanklemut Remix)
Dedicated to Nommy the Nomad and Sherman the Shiva. Always remembered, never forgotten.