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Day: 24 December 2014

Composite Kayak/Canoe Repair

How to patch a canoe slalom boat – the video below is a time lapse of how to patch a canoe slalom boat. To help you out I have made a detailed written description of the process I went through of how to patch a canoe slalom boat. I would like to say a special thanks to Easy Composites who provided me with the repairs equipment for this video, if you need any resources to do your repair make sure to head over to their website

Boat Repair Time Lapse

To complete this repair I only used the equipment and products I have in my canoe slalom repair kit. This step by step guide on how to patch a canoe slalom boat, I hope you are able to repair your boat.

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Dave Fusilli 2014 Highlights

The end of the year inevitably brings the highlight reel. Some a great, others not so. But this one from Dave Fusilli is a corker.

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Saison 2014 Marlou

A very nicely put together edit with some great kayaking action. Enjoy!

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Vote For Fuse

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.28.08

Fuse has made the finals! Whitewater, freestyle and LEDs a truly inspirational combination. Fuse is for me one of the best if not THE best edits of the year. Please vote for Fuse. Continue reading

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