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Palm Equipment Horizon Shorts (2015) – First Look

The new 2015 Palm Equipment Horizon shorts have just landed at Unsponsored HQ. I have a bit of time to look at them and am waiting on the warmer weather to arrived to try them out on the river. In the meantime here’s a quick run down.

Palm Equipment Horizon Shorts 14

The outer short is contrasted from Nylon 200d, this is very similar to the fabrics used in dry trousers and dry tops. As they are shorts none of the seams are sealed.

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Palm Horizon Shorts

Whilst looking around the new Palm Equipment website I spotted the Horizon shorts. They look the business and it’s great to see a boating specific short coming to the market.

Chasing the endless summer? The cool surf inspired Horizon shorts hide some clever features. The windproof shell covers a warm, comfortable fleece liner, ideal for warm or cold weather. A neoprene waistband and lace-up closure keep the shorts in place while a roomy thigh pocket holds your keys close at hand.

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