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Day: 22 July 2013

GoPro Battery Run Times

I’ve been trying out both my GoPro 3 Silver and Black editions to get an idea of the running times using some of the available accessories.

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Everything in life is subject to change and morph. Variables is a little look into whats been going on down south this spring through mid summer for the Ouch! Crew. It also shows a bit of the traveling we have been able to do thanks to our awesome sponsors whom none of this would be possible without. Featured within is Linville, Top Yough, Beer and Gear festival at Wilderness Vouyagers, Chattooga and Nanty Cascades. Hope you all enjoy and see you on the river. Song is My Only Hope by Pretty Lights.

Variables from Paul Butler on Vimeo.

Yonton In The New Liquid Logic Playboat Prototype

Yonton in the Playboat Proto from Shaneslogic on Vimeo.

We got Yonton set up in the latest proto of the Liquidlogic Playboat and headed to the river.

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