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Day: 1 November 2013

The Other Side of the Game-CARNAGE!!!

The Other Side of the Game-CARNAGE!!! from Ryan McAvoy on Vimeo.

A great piece from Ryan McAvoy.

Tits Deep Episode 2 Teaser

Green race training has us a little behind – enjoy this teaser till we drop Episode 2 on Tuesday, November 5th.

Tits Deep Episode 2 Teaser from TiTs Deep on Vimeo.

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Vs Hero 3+ Black Edition

[UPDATE: GoPro have released the Hero6 black edition, find out more here.]

The GoPro Hero 3 plus arrives just 12 months on from the release of the GoPro Hero 3 Black series. The camera comes supplied in the standard GoPro packaging. Included in the package is the camera, wifi remote, USB leads for both the camera and remote, a skeleton back door and a couple of sticky mounts (one curved, one flat). As thought the form factor of the actual camera remains the same. The Hero 3 will fit in the Hero 3+ case and vice versa. Visibly there is little difference between the cameras, although you can tell that the lens is different.

Unsponsored GoPro Hero 3 Black Vs 3 Plus

The biggest physical change is in the case. It is much smaller with a lower profile clasp. It doesn’t have the lock like the previous case but the clasp is quite low profile and looks as if it would be difficult to knock or catch. I have found that the clasp is pretty tough and can be difficult to release. I suspect there will be knack to getting it done, but I am actually reassured by the fact that it doesn’t just pop off.

The changes in the case make the whole unit much lighter. The lens area is much smaller and is fastened to the case from the inside rather than from the exterior. This means that changing the panel will be possible if it were to get scratched or damaged in any other way.

Unsponsored GoPro Hero 3 Black Vs 3 Plus

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Swale, Sprint and Leven

The Swale, Sprint and Leven are some of the best pieces of WW in Northern England.

Swale Sprint and Leven Kayaking from matthew carey on Vimeo.

Kayak Session 2013 Green Race Coverage #1 – With Shane Benedict

Kayak Session 2013 Green Race Coverage #1 – with Shane Benedict from Kayak TV (Kayak Session Mag) on Vimeo.

A great piece from Kayak Session and Shane Benedict. I can credit Shane with coming up with the Unsponsored TAG line.

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors from Rogue Specimens on Vimeo.

Was able to sneak away from homework and studying this weekend to go run some classic PNW whitewater with some good friends! Started off with the Upper Upper Cispus and Lower Lewis Falls on Friday and proceeded to make our way to Celestial Falls on Saturday where we were greeted by an angry camp host and park rangers…feeling rather let down we decided to go rally an evening truss lap on our way back home. Overall it was a CHURCH weekend and after these mid-terms are over I plan on doing it all again!

Filmed By:
Taylor Hazen
Wesley Shelmire

Present Ideas For Kayakers and Canoeists

I get quite a few emails at this time of year asking for advice on presents for paddlers that won’t necessarily break the bank. Here’s a run down of a few of the things that kayakers, canoeists and SUP paddlers may like as a pressie from Father Christmas.

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