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Day: 28 June 2014

The Clinic: Getting Geared Up

For kayak instructors everywhere, here is an edit courtesy of Shane Benedict.

The Clinic: Getting Geared Up from Shaneslogic on Vimeo.

I think it was 1995 when Bob Beazley and I did a bunch of videos under the Coriolis Productions title. Unfortunately these tapes went through a fire but were salavaged. Sorry for the quality but if you have ever taught kayaking I think you will find this a little funny. The Clinic was a 45 minute video that I have now broken up into shorter bits. At this point Beaz and I had been teaching kayaking a long time and this was a culmination of all the crazy things we had seen to that point while teaching actual students… with a little embelishment.

Alcohol Stoves

Alcohol stoves are great little bits of kit. I own a couple of Whitebox stoves that I purchased online and love them. The following set of instructions were taken from a post that was made on one of my other sites. It’s a great DIY guide on making an alcohol stove using an air freshener can. The whole process involves using a pressurised container and tools that could serious hurt or kill you. Attempt at your now risk neither this site, myself or the original author accept no responsibility if you were to hurt yourself (or worse) making/using a stove based on the one shown below.

WARNING … ensure pressurised can is COMPLETELY EMPTY and COMPLETELY DEPRESSURISED before starting !!!!

Alcohol Stoves
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