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Day: 1 January 2012

Todays DIY

I have more off cuts of silnylon, pertex, ripstop nylon than you could shake a stick at. I therefore thought it was about time that I made something with them. So despite making UQs, TQs and tarps for a couple of years today was my first crack at some stuff sacks.

These ones are black silnylon with dyneema drawcords. The largest one I have made today is 9 grams. This is probably more to do with the cord lock!

This one contains my Marmot waterproof

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Improve Your Showboating

Note: This will make you better than Corran Addison or Jay Kincaid, or your money back. Just follow the instructions.

1: Don’t stick just to moving water

If you can’t master the move in the hole, move back to the canal, grab a squirt boat, and practice your technique on the flat. You won’t be as distracted by the noise, spray, and possibility of a swim down to the basin. You’ll find that you’re suddenly much more aware of how slight movements in your body position can really affect the trim of the boat. Build up a sequence of moves, bring it back to the white water, and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Improve Your Showboating

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HF Occoee PFD – Review

The HF Occoee is a slab design PFD with a simple no frills approach. The fit is extremely good with the soft foam molding to the bodies shape easily. It doesn’t feel bulky or restrictive in any way. Adjustment is made by four cinch straps (two under each arm).

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DAM Watersports – DamX 3000 series dry cag.

I got this cag some months ago now and wanted to wait until I had really tested it before I wrote a report. The thing that attracted me in the first place was the price: £105(GB) including delivery for a made-to-measure cag is the best I have seen anywhere! This, coupled with the fact that the materials are guaranteed and the maker himself (Andi Riley) assured me that this would be drier/more durable than KOGG, Bomber Gear, PeakUK etc. I just had to have one.

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Happy 2b Aegis helmet

Product – Happy-2b Aegis helmet, Full cut model with total ear protection.
Size – Large
RRP – €170 direct from
Nearest rival: Sweet Rocker

I’ve owned only a light freestyle lid for the last while, and an impending trip to the French Alps meant I had to invest in a good strong full coverage creeking helmet. I certainly got one in the Happy 2b Aegis.

Happy 2b Aegis
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