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Day: 3 May 2012

Hotel Charley – No Big Names 4

In the Autumn of 2005 Ben Stookesberry convinced Jessie Coombs to journey to Columbia and the Rio Buey to try and attempt a successful run of the 25 mile grade V canyon. No big names 4 charts the pairs progress on what must be one of the hardest stretches of whitewater in the world. The music on this part of the movie is provided by some coffee grower who helped the pair on their quest. Not really me cup of tea, but it didn’t last to long. So the question is, did they do it? Well…I’m not going to spoil it for you!

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The Mothership Connection

The Mothership Connection is one of the videos in the TEVA tour series. It takes you on a 55 minute whirlwind trip to many grade IV and V rivers in Corsica, Italy, and Norway. It is largely filmed by top playboater, designer (Riot Techno), extreme paddler and video boater, Arnd Shaeftlein.

Like the other tours in the series the cast is world famous and features the paddling talents of Buffy Bailey, Johnny Kern, Willy Kern, Mark Eames, Brennan Guth, Mark Hayden, Francesco Salvato, Brad Ludden, Flemming Shmidt, Erik Martinsen, Stephan Luetz, Lara Tipper, Horst Fuersattel, Arnd Shaeftlein, Ortwin Dellevoet and others!

The rivers and scenery are simply amazing, well shot and well run by the boaters. Running large drops dominates but one or two play waves are featured.

In my opinion the soundtrack is the only thing that lets the video down, however musical tastes are quite individual and that should not detract from the fact that there is some awesome boating throughout the 55 minutes. It’s worth watching at least a couple of times.

To sum up – Big names, big water, and big drops.

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