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Day: 6 June 2013

1st Tandem Kayak Descent of Spirit Falls

Dagger Juice – Review

Over the last 10 years of paddling I have owned a few Dagger boats and have always got on well with the designs. Following trends etc I did end up with a few boats from other manufacturers but as a pure river runner I was pleased when the Juice was announced and I saved my pennies straight away.

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Dagger Juice – Review
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Stakeout 2013 – Kayaking’s Big Wave Surfing

Strap It Up

I spotted this roofrack strap set up earlier this year. It seems like a really good way to ensure that the boat cannot slide forwards or backwards.

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Gol Gol Race Full Run Karma GOPRO

New Zealand

New Zealand from Lorenzo Andrade Astorga on Vimeo.

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