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Day: 14 June 2013

The Rumor Mill

The Rumor Mill from Martyn Butler on Vimeo.

The Playboater Troubleshooter

Chris makes awesome instruction videos. This new serious sounds like it’s going to be superb.

The Playboater Troubleshooter Series is brought to you by Wave Sport Kayaks and H2o Dreams LLC. Wave Sport athlete/instructor Chris Wing discusses opinions on the benefits of play. This new series looks to tackle the freestyle discipline in the same approach as Chris did in the Whitewater Troubleshooter series, through typical pitfalls, as well as a description of why the physics work not just how.

Kayak In Spain – Rio Ara – Pyrénées Extreme Kayak

Kayak in Spain – Rio Ara – Pyrénées Extreme Kayak from maxime mitaut on Vimeo.

Freestyle Kayaking: How To Lunar Orbit

ThePaddler June 2013

Out now. Check out my thoughts on the Dagger Jitsu.


MTB Essentials

If you are new to MTB then it isn’t always easy to know what gear to take, what works well, what is essential and what you can go without. Gear is very much a personal thing, what to one person is an essential may seem like to another a needless luxury. Carrying the right kit when out on ride can prevent a small mechanical problem turning into a 3 hour epic. Carry too much and your ride becomes a kit hauling nightmare. Obviously you will need to tailor what you carry to the envrionment your riding in and the length/duration of the ride.

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