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Day: 16 June 2013

Punching Giants

A very well crafted movie. Well worth watching.

Punching Giants from Lakesboaters on Vimeo.

Paddle Shaft Repair

Repairing a paddle shaft is very similar to creating a set of split paddles. I have a pair of Werner Players that were pretty much brand new but had snapped near the right hand blade. The technique I use here could be used to repair the shaft on pretty much any paddle and could even be used to shorten or adjust the feather on a sound paddle.

Paddle Shaft Repair

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Rush Sturges GoPro NF Payette Championship 3rd Place Run

River Tees – Highest Recorded Level Paddle

After being grounded for two weeks for some appalling behaviour in Corsica, Unsponsored’s little brother River found some big water here in the UK.

Tees – Abbey Rapids – Winston from THE RIVER MILITIA on Vimeo.

Norway I

It’s 2 days into my Norway trip, I’ll try and update this as often as I can although internet is a little hard to come by. So far things have been sweet. Yesterday we started with the appropriately named Zambezi section whilst on the way to Voss. After a lovely night camped under the bridge we got on the upper Mykdal (don’t know how to spell it) followed be the upper and racecourse sections of the Brandseth. We also headed over to Money drop which had quite a lot of water. Barney went 1st, got about 5 seconds of down time, his deck popped and we eventually rescued his boat with some big dents in it. The rest of us will probably wait until the levels drop a bit.

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Pringle Winning At The 2013 Drau Rodeo – Lienz, Austria.

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