Today has been eventful. I’ll begin at last night when Rainey made a bold claim that he would attempt a kickflip off of Moneydrop on the Stranda. This soon trended on Facebook thanks to Sam Ellis and the peer pressure began to build. Anyway we met up with Rainey this morning to find that he had come to a compromise with his growing fanbase and would be running Moneydrop fully naked in his playboat later in the day.

First off though we headed to the lower Myrkdal for our second run this trip. It was similar flows to yesterday but this time a little less nerve racking as we knew the lines. It was all going so well, the sun was out and we were all loving it.


The first minor hiccup came when I took a beat down in a fairly large hole on the exit to one of the slides. Figuring I wasn’t going to be paddling out of it any time soon I popped my deck managed to self-rescue myself and my boat and all was good.


A little further down the river and we were nearing the end. In his excitement and thinking he knew the line Rainey shot off over the next horizon line before we knew it.

Long story short he ran a slide on his head, busted open his face and tore a muscle (or something along those lines) in his shoulder. I walked him out and we went back to collect the boats whilst Nick took him to A&E. Hopefully he should be back on the water in a week or so in time for us to road trip up north.

So ironically Rainey did end up in A&E today but not from anything Moneydrop related although maybe it’s a good thing he never got the chance to try his kickflip….

Phil and Rainey are also getting quite upset that Barney has the most Facebook likes on his Moneydrop photo.

Bootys have been done tonight by meyself and Barney and we also have a growing volume of footage so maybe we can get a video put together soon.

Chow for now!

Martyn Butler

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