Daz Clarkson-King and his company Pure Land Expeditions are now distributing Spade Kayaks in the UK. System X will also continue to bring Kayaks into the UK. 

If you didn’t know, Spade Kayaks brought out the Ace of Spades creek boat a few years ago. I own one of the earlier boats off the production line and absolutely love it.

Spade Kayaks UK - New Distribution

If you want a super tough, stiff and fast boat and are tough on your boats then the Spade is definitely worth a close look.

From Daz:

We are super pleased to be working with Spade Kayaks and are now offering direct Spade sales, email us NOW info@purelandexpeditions.com with he subject line [SPADE}-Because the Ace of Spades is designed to meet high demands, we use high-density thermoplastic for the boat’s shell which is blow-moulded at high pressure. That makes the Ace of Spades stiffer and firmer than a boat manufactured by rotational moulding – a fact not only reflected in durability, but also directly in the handling dynamics.

The high-performance thermoplastic is also recyclable, so even excess material and leftovers from new boats can simply be fed straight back into the moulding process.