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Out the Gate – The Life of Freefalling

Out the Gate – The Life of Freefalling, a great film from Caleb Roberts.

Out the Gate - The Life of Freefalling

Sometimes you need to just go over the lip and enjoy the free fall.

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A Canadian

Its a Canadian aka a Canoe

Paddling down under in New Zealand is wonderful. Amazing water, brilliant people and fun all around. It also is pretty fun when someone pulls up beside you and refers to your boat as “a Canadian”.

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Car Park of Dreams – Kaituna River

“And here is a Magical Place, where the Warm Water flows and Laughter Abounds.”

Car Park of Dreams - Kaituna River

For the past couple years, I have heard about the Kaituna river. How it is a great training ground and how its just an amazing river. Showing up and spending time there, I came to realize that yes, the river is amazing. But even more awesome is the small community of boaters living at the take out. Day in and out, waking up and paddling together. Living in this weird, wonderfully strange community. A magical place where the hour or the day is irrelevant. A place where swimming the river or number of laps down is the only relevant thing from day to day.

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