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Soul Waterman Dancer 3

The Danza or Dancer 3 as it is now known is going into production. Corran Addison gives a run down of what the new boat is designed for and the inspiration behind it.

Here is the hidden story behind the development of my new boat, that until now was cleverly named Danza so no one would guess the connection (did it work?).

Soul Waterman Dancer 3

I’ve been working with the original mastermind behind the Dancer, Perception’s founder Bill Masters, on this. I worked for Perception as a designer from 1987 to 1991. It had been my dream to work for the company that created the boat I loved so much and that I grew up paddling.

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Soul Waterman – Outfitting

Corran Addison has released several new images of the new Soul Waterman outfitting that will used in the new Soul Waterman whitewater kayak line up.

Soul Waterman Outfitting

Corran is keeping things pretty simple with the setup. There are no ratchets, ropes, pulleys, straps, or water absorbing padding. But the system is designed to offer maximum adjustability and comfort.

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Dragorossi 88 – Review

The Dragorossi 88 is the newest creek boat from the Italian kayak company. On first seeing the 88 I was quite impressed with its overall looks – it simply looks right! So I was very excited to get the boat on onto a number of local grade IV rivers.


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Old School Series – End Game

My copy of Corran Addison’s new movie arrived safely from Canada. The order was made via Corran’s site www.2imagine.net and my Pay pal account. I ordered the DVD version which meant I had to have a multi region DVD player since it is a NTSC version as apposed to the UK PAL format. Most UK machines can handle this but check yours before you order.


The movie starts of with a very Python-esque title sequence before Corran’s narration begins and we are introduced to the main paddlers and the “plan”.

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Old School Series – Searching For The Gee Spot

“Searching” is Corran Addison’s 1st attempt (I think) at making an instructional freestyle video. All of the major moves are covered and broke down into easy to follow instructions; narration is backed up by seeing the move for real and through the use of animation.


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