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Day: 2 June 2012

Kayak Repairs

I spent lunch time today welding up a couple of boats. The first was a 6 month old Pyranha Karnali which had been damaged after its pilot left it to run the Morriston River Race by itself. First impressions indicated that the nose of the boat has been turned up, however the hull shows no sign of deformation.

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Pyranha Jed – First Paddle

Today (Sat 26th May 2012) was the first time that my large Pyranha Jed has been near water. The afternoon spent outfitting the boat last weekend had paid off. Everything was set up bang on.

A job that I did not do was check the screws and bolts. Most of the Pyranha fittings are protected from leaks with an O-ring/washer system. It appears that the front grab handle may not be. The handle is held on with security Torx bolts. Fortunately I have the kit that will allow me to back these off and add some sealant.

I only spent around 3 hours paddling the boat today. So these thoughts are very initial. Continue reading

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