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Day: 21 May 2013

Palm FX PFD Promo

Palm FX Promo from on Vimeo.

Pyranha Loki – First Paddle

The Pyranha takes a massive departure away from the cookie cutter playboat shape that we have all seen developing over the last few years with the new Loki. Designs such as the Jed, Project X, and Jitsu have all to some extent developed in one particular direction – to allow paddlers to pull off some of the more modern aerial moves.


The Loki on the other hand has been designed to allow paddlers to return to a time when cartwheels, stern squirts, stern stalls, flat spins and blunts were the moves of the day. In essence Pyranha have set out to capture the feel and performance of old school playboats.

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The “M” Files – Part I : Plattling

Big Dog Force

Big Dog are a UK based firm that is pretty much the new kid on the block. However the people behind Big Dog have decades of experience within the kayak industry.

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