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Day: 29 July 2013

UK Monsoon Season

For the last few years the weather in the UK around the end of July/beginning of August has provided some of the best whitewater conditions of the year. In some cases much better than in winter. So to all the boys and girls getting out onto this years summer white water – stay safe.


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Immersion Research Klingon Empire Spray Deck – Review (1 Year On)

Those of you who have followed the site for many years will know that I usually only ever use Playboater spraydecks. I have owned a few and they are always superb. When I initially tried my Immersion Research Klingon Empire Spraydeck I was simply blown away. But how is it 1 year on?

Immersion Research Klingon Empire 1

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The “Jeds” First World Champs, Coming Soon

Check out my thoughts on the Pyranha Jed here.

Drift HD Ghost: Freestyle Kayaking

Hunkering Down

This has to be one skill that all paddlers need to develop. The ability to hunker down as far as I am concerned is the ability to stay in one place for a prolonged period of time and allow time to pass by without getting bored, distracted or getting het up about it.

Hunkering Down

I’ve found myself in days gone by sat in airports waiting for transfers, sitting at a get in/out waiting for the shuttle to return. Those who I have been with and couldn’t hunker down had a pretty tough time and no doubt found that time passed really slowly.

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