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Day: 1 November 2015

Searching For Sero

Professional photographer John Rathwell and partner Tracy Guenard have decided to sell their house, almost everything they own, and are hitting the road in their ’91 Westfalia to fight for mental wellness awareness with the new project “Searching for Sero”. They need your help by supporting the project on the crowdfunding platform, The ambitious project aims for a $10,000 CDN goal in the next 32 days in order to launch the two-year project. The campaign has already surpassed 30% of the total goal in the first 3 days. Several successful preview stories have already been published online to showcase what they plan to do once they hit the road next spring.

Searching For Sero

Searching For Sero expects to grow their following and supporters quickly by shining a light on mental wellness and suicide prevention. “There are so many people out there struggling to find their happy place,” says John Rathwell, “And we believe we can make a difference. We hope to inspire people to truly make positive changes in their lives. We trust that people will see the value in what we are doing and help make this project happen.”

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Operation Zulu

Without doubt the video of the 1990’s, Operation Zulu brought Corran and the rest of the Riot Kayak squad to our screens. Until now only available on VHS if you could find it. Thankfully with a bit of help I have sourced an original VHS copy and with the permission of Corran Addison have converted it to MP4 and put it online.

30-40 minutes of big water, aerials move, cartwheels, splitwheels, freewheels. At the time they were the most radical moves out there. The editing is slick and the soundtrack includes Real Big Fish, and The Bloodhound Gang. Old school boats are plenty – Savage Fury, Hammer, Glide (protos), 007… See what the pros can do.


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