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Wavesport Phoenix – Introduction

Wavesport Phoenix aims to achieve the impossible – Lightning speed that doesn’t punish those human lapses. Got Your Back!

Wavesport Phoenix - Introduction
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Wave Sport – Doubleyouess

Wave Sport presents Doubleyouess… What is doubleyouess? The original Wave Sport logo was W.S. Spell those letters out, you’ll figure if out.

Wave Sport - Doubleyouess

This Doubleyouess video includes highlights from team Wave Sports 2004 season in the Diesel, Zero Gravity and EZG.

At 6pm GMT on Youtube Christmas Eve Wavesport will be showing off this 2004 classic.

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Social Media Saturday 22 December 2018

Welcome to Social Media Saturday 22 December 2018 at Unsponsored.
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Checking Out The Waka Kayaks Steeze

With production underway we are starting to see some detail on how the pod system works on the new Waka Kayaks Steeze.

Waka Kayaks - Steeze
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Columbia River Gorge – Pow Day

Dec. 18th, 2018 The Little White Salmon / Columbia Gorge season opener for the 2019 whitewater season.

Columbia River Gorge - Pow Day

An incredible amount of rain fell over night and turned our dry river beds into raging brown torrents. We went hard as our old “off the couch asses” could go and got 2 LW laps, and the highest Trout-Wind run I’ve ever done. It was an epic homecoming after being in South America for 6 weeks. Thank you pacha mama for providing once again!

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The Zambezi Express

The Zambezi Express – Follow Bren Orton and Dane Jackson down the Zambezi! This trip was cool change of pace from our regular schedule of dropping waterfalls and being scared of getting hurt.

We spent the past three weeks kayaking awesome rapids everyday and just having fun. Huge thanks to everyone for all of the hospitality!

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Movie Monday 17 December 2018

Welcome to Movie Monday 17 December 2018 at Unsponsored.


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How To Run Rapids Using Cross Current Speed

In this video the Aquabatics Calgary team explain and demonstrate how to ‘get off the freight train’ of running rapids.

This tutorial highlights how to use cross current speed in rapids to start catching and tagging eddies to slow downstream momentum and to give more control and create time.

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Social Media Saturday 15 December 2018

Welcome to Social Media Saturday 15 December 2018 at Unsponsored.

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Old School Boats For New School Boaters

Now I have sat on this article for some time as no matter what kayaks I list I know that there are a whole load more that would suit the bill. So here it goes, popping the the lid on this virtual can of kayak worms. Let us know your thoughts on the post’s comment section on the site.

Slicey kayaks are on the way back into vogue. After years of super short and relatively high volume playboats the “old school” makes a return.

Hurley – River Thames, UK

Now old school is relative, for some of you out there it may be a blast all the way back to 2010! However for this journey back in time we are going back to the 1990s and early 2000s.

So lets say you were in the market for an old school slicey kayak to rip it up with the new crop of slicey kayaks currently being developed. Or you are silly bored with the bobby high volume short length playboats of late and just want something different. What could you go for?

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Rafting The North Fork Payette 4K

Rafting The North Fork Payette 4K – Experience the heaviest whitewater this side of the Mississippi with Dan McCain and Jeff Compton.

Featuring nearly 15 miles of Class V+ rapids and the legendary Jacob’s Ladder, the North Fork of the Payette River is a run that truly puts #HERO7 Black and #HyperSmooth to the test.

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Rapids of the Nile River – DEAD DUTCHMAN (LEFT LINE)

Rapids of the Nile River – Dead Dutchman taking the left line.  It’s big water time.

Rapids of the Nile River - DEAD DUTCHMAN
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