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Movie Monday 31 December 2018

The last one of 2018. Welcome to Movie Monday 31 December 2018 at Unsponsored.


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DMM Boa – Review

This is the ‘Big Daddy’ of lockers – the ultimate rigging biner and one which is super strong and super tough. This makes them ideal for kayaking. I’ve had a number of Boa carabiners in my gear inventory for the last four years.

DMM Boa - Review
DMM Boa – Screwgate (Left) and Locksafe (Right)
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Rolling Inside And Out

Check out this great edit from Plas y Brenin.

Rolling Inside And Out

Have you got your roll working indoors, but always go swimming when you try outside?

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Ray Goodwin MBE

Ray Goodwin has also been awarded a MBE for his services to canoeing. Well done that man. Well deserved.

Claire O’Hara MBE

It is great to see a number of paddlers being recognised for their work in the New Years honour list.

First up is Claire O’Hara who has been awarded a MBE for her services to canoeing. Well deserved.

Social Media Saturday 29 December 2018

Welcome to Social Media Saturday 29 December 2018 at Unsponsored. Here are just a few of the Instagram posts we’ve spotted and liked this week.
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Flip Lines And Rescue Tape

When I became a raft guide in the late 90’s the way in which we were shown to right a raft posed significant danger.  It basically  meant utilising the drain holes in the raft by sticking your finger through and using your knees to flip the raft.  Get it wrong and you would be seriously hurt. So I am thankful that using a flip line to right a raft is now the default technique being taught and is used by the vast majority of guides.

We are now starting to see these types of lines carried by kayakers and canoeists. I would highly recommend that all paddlers have one of these and spend some time learning how to use it effectively and safely.

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Never Lose Your GoPro (Maybe)

Never lose your GoPro, maybe*.


Losing a GoPro because the sticky mount has failed is not a nice experience. I have been there. Using a leash or tethering system has become a key part of using a GoPro, especially when attached to a kayak, paddle or helmet. Since the release of the  GoPro Hero 4 the usual place to add a leash to tether the camera has gone.

GoPro have removed access to the metal bar that acts as part of the hinge, this was used by many to attach a thin piece of cord although some housings have failed due to this. The frame that is supplied with the 5, 6 and now 7 do have the metal bar, however it is super difficult to get some cord around it so I have continued using the method described here.

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Level Six – In Europe

Getting hold of Level Six here in the UK was always a little hit and miss. However this changed with Level Six opening a warehouse in Holland.

Level Six - In Europe
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Peak UK Throwline 15m – First Look

The PEAKUK throwline comes in 15m, 20m or 25m lengths.  The one we have here is the smallest 15m version.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look

The throwline comes equipped with 15m of 9.5mm floating rope. Compared to the 18m of 7.5mm rope used in the HF weasel and 18m of 8mm line used within the Palm Equipment Lightning throw bags.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look
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Movie Monday (On A Tuesday) 25 December 2018

Welcome to Movie Monday (On A Tuesday) 25 December 2018 at Unsponsored. We hope you all have a happy Christmas and a safe paddle into the New Year.

Movie Monday (On A Tuesday) 25 December 2018

Have a great day and enjoy!

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Level Six King Of The Alps – Title Sponsor

From Level Six:

We are super excited to announce we are the title sponsor of Europe’s premier whitewater festival: King of The Alps.

Level Six King of the Alps - Title Sponsor

Located in Merano in the Passeiertal Valley in Italy this beautiful area offers an abundance of outdoor opportunities and is especially known for its beautiful scenery and amazing whitewater. We specifically choose to be a part of this event because of its inclusiveness. It truly is a well-rounded event that all paddlers and families can appreciate and enjoy. There are a number of Class 2, 3, 4 and 5 whitewater sections that can challenge any paddlers ability, and there are rafting options for any non-paddlers that want to attend! After doing some paddling of your own you can then watch or take part in a number of different races including the extreme Europen Championship race. All the race courses are easily visible as the river runs right through town! You can sit back and enjoy the action, and watch the top paddlers in the world try to claim the title of King and Queen of the Alps or attempt to take the crown yourself!

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