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Kayak Seat By Move Technologies

A great collaboration between composite kings Galasport and Move Technologies.

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There are now new opportunities for handicapped people in the range of the extreme/action sports – the white water kayaking.

Quick release four point fastening system

Strong, easy to adjust straps

Revolutionary Carbon– Kevlar seat design

Wider legs positioning gives more stability

Gel padding, ensures scratch and pressure free sitting

Seat build by Galasport, the professional racing kayaks manufacturer

The quick release system deployed by the Galasport and Move Technology team looks really interesting and may have wider applications.

Thanks to professional cooperation as well as the special boat adjustments such as Galasport seat and Move Tech easy to release fastening system, there are now new opportunities for handicapped people in the range of the extreme/action sports – the white water kayaking.

The seat is designed for the highest level of stability and the most accurate control. The fastening system provides absolute connection to the seat which makes the heeling (as the most important part of wild water maneuvering) easy to control.

Move Tech Adaptive Kayak Seat has a special quick release fastening system.

Four-point fastening system fixes user’s legs and hips perfectly in a special shaped seat and thanks to unique quick release hardware could be immediately unfasten in case of need. The system, inspired by the most up to date parachute systems (using it as the main parachute gripping) allows unfasten all four fasteners at once.

Quick and easy unfastening is very important especially in the rough conditions, in case the boat overturns and the kayaker needs to leave the boat quickly.

The boat, together with the Move Tech draining system is designed for wild water and the level of usage is limited only by user’s skills. It is designed for rapids, rivers as well as for surfing on the ocean waves. At the same time it is suitable for the quiet water and for the beginners as well.

The seat costs around $600 + Tax but looks like (through the use of adaptors) it can be used in various types of kayaks/canoes.


  1. Maria

    It is great, so now even handicapped people can try whitewater kayaking thanks to the seat that can easily be unfastened when they need to get out of water…

  2. Michiel Verhoef

    This seat may make it possible for clubs and rental companies to have boats that can be used by both able-bodied and handicapped people. Not just for whitewater/kayaksurfing but also for canoepolo, slalom or even flatwater kayaking, which also involves controlling your boat with legs and hips.

    This is an excellent development! Kudos!

  3. buh

    Nothing new, except the high price. Corran Addison did this 20 years ago in his riot kayak. and it didnt cost $600. it was for better performance, not the handicapped. I am handicapped and paddle a Jackson Star just fine with the stock seat. for $600, I’ll buy another boat ( comes with seat too), over this overpriced seat.

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