It’s bank holiday here in the UK with many people (not all) having an extra day off before going back to work on Tuesday. So a little bit later due to a longer lie in here is Movie Monday 30 May 2016.

Movie Monday 30 May 2016

Southeast Goods

Southeast Goods from OGP Productions on Vimeo.

Manns Creek

Manns Creek from Boof and Destroy on Vimeo.

Neilson Race 2016 – De l’eau pour tout le monde

Neilson Race 2016 – De l'eau pour tout le monde from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.

May Mellte

May Mellte from Simon Morse on Vimeo.

Kern Fest 2016

Kern Fest 2016 from Ian Janoska on Vimeo.

Outliving It (Part 2): Adriene Levknecht


Conception from Christian Wood on Vimeo.

Dane Jackson Hamma Hamma Falls

The Devil’s Slide

Trailer Highlightreel

Trailer Highlightreel 2015 from Philipp Brunner on Vimeo.

The vast majority of these edits have been filmed using the GoPro range of cameras.