Movie Monday 9 November 2015

We have a bumper crop of fine whitewater edits for Movie Monday 9 November 2015. Take some time to check them out.

The Pit Flows

The Pit Flows from Alec Reeves on Vimeo.

Tacos, Cervezas, y Aguas Blancas

Tacos, Cervezas, y Agaus Blancas from Ryan McAvoy on Vimeo.

The Moose

The Moose from nate blick on Vimeo.

First Time Toxaway GoPro

First Time Toxaway Go Pro from Aeon Russo on Vimeo.

Halloween In Scotland

Halloween in Scotland from Bob mckee on Vimeo.

En Colombie D’vacance Part 2

En colombie d'vacance part 2 from Boris on Vimeo.

Kayak For Change

Kayak for change from David Fusilli on Vimeo.