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New Pyranha Kayak

Pyranha has a new kayak due out very shortly. In addition to the teaser images posted by Pyranha Fraser Watson got a look at the new Pyranha kayak a couple of weeks back at the Tryweryn.

Firstly here are the two Pyranha images.

New Pyranha Kayak

New Pyranha Kayak

A little detail but other than the bow there isn’t much to see.

Fraser’s image and video by comparison really gives a good view of the new Pyranha kayak.

New Pyranha Kayak

Lets zoom in a little.

New Pyranha Kayak

New Pyranha Kayak

New Pyranha Kayak

It looks like Pyranha are ready to #playtheriver.

Video: New Pyranha Kayak

Now this kayak isn’t a replacement for the Loki, but certainly looks like it’s is entering the same part of the market as the Jackson Antix and Liquidlogic Braaap.

Many thanks to Fraser for allowing me to share the image and video on Unsponsored.


  1. mark hirst

    oh looks deadly The stern reminds me of the Acrobat 270 will be following the progression very closely. Fun Fun Fun

  2. Riley

    Hope you sent Fraser some Unsponsored stickers ? 🙂

  3. Tim Shaw

    Looks like an RPM with a different name on it. O it is so funny, looks like everyone is starting to rember what the best boats are:)

  4. GoatBoat McGee

    Holy Shit the Prijon Fly is back!

    Good times 😀

  5. Dan Mark

    There is also this–a new razor-tailed boat from EXO
    I am glad these types of boats are coming back into fashion!

    • Glenn

      Dan I had the chance to paddle a demo Rexy when the EXO Team were at L’Argentierre this summer. i was very impressed with the the boat and the outfitting, etc, was simple and easy to use. They’ve gone over to the Jackson-style of system where cords and cleats make the adjustment rather than the ratchet back bands they were using on the earlier XT boats. The also have a new creek boat the T Rex which looked really good although I couldnt get a go as there was a que of Italians wanting their go!

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