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Flip Lines And Rescue Tape

When I became a raft guide in the late 90’s the way in which we were shown to right a raft posed significant danger.  It basically  meant utilising the drain holes in the raft by sticking your finger through and using your knees to flip the raft.  Get it wrong and you would be seriously hurt. So I am thankful that using a flip line to right a raft is now the default technique being taught and is used by the vast majority of guides.

We are now starting to see these types of lines carried by kayakers and canoeists. I would highly recommend that all paddlers have one of these and spend some time learning how to use it effectively and safely.

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Pin/Rescue Kit Part 1 – Climbing Tape

Tubular tape can be purchased from most climbing shops off the real for £2 or less per metre. You can also purchase 4m (newer models 5m) of Palm tubular tape for around £14 from most kayak shops!

I carry a 5-metre length of 25mm tubular tape for use in rescue situations, lowering boats etc.

My 5m tape rolls into a coil with a diameter similar to a CD/DVD disk. It can be used as a short throw line, tied into a sling around a tree or even turned into a make shift sit harness. The Palm version is supplied with a stitched in loop which makes adding a carabiner into the system really easy.

Tape should be tied using a tape knot (aka a water knot) to prevent any slippage – click here to see how to tie the water knot.

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