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Burners International Camp

Jack Jackson is working with Quim Fontané Masó (Current World Champion) and Bruce Jolliffe (super inspiring coach) to deliver the Burners International Camp. The camp is aimed at freestyle paddlers under 18 who want get tonnes out of their freestyle.

Burners International Camp

Red Bull Rafa Ortiz OKC Kayak Clinic

The Red Bull Rafa Ortiz OKC Kayak clinic.

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Welsh Open Freestyle And Boater X

Coaching, demo boats and competition at the Welsh Open Freestyle and Boater X.

Well worth signing up.

Welsh Open Freestyle And Boater X

10 Easy Ways To Become A Better Paddler

When you start your paddling career progression is often very rapid. Skill acquisition is quick and you develop the technique required to safely get you down a piece of water. After you have been paddling for a while it is easy to hit a plateau. Moving past this can seem quite difficult but a few changes or adaptations can help you to continue to make progress/develop.

10 Easy Ways To Become A Better Paddler

Consider where you mainly paddle. Change venue if you can. Try a new piece of water.

Paddle more. It’s a simple step that can really speed up your progress.

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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Ross Montandon

Ross Montandon is fortunate enough to spend most days on the water. He has paddled extensively around the world; competed in World Championships, become British Freestyle Champion, and is one of the youngest ever Level 5 coaches. He created New Wave Kayaking which offers extensive whitewater kayak coaching, to help paddlers really enjoy their paddling! After an initial contact a couple of months back Ross kindly agreed to take part in the Unsponsored 2014 Q&A series. I am so pleased that Ross has taken the time out of his busy schedule to take part in the Q&A. Hope you enjoy the read, I certainly did.

Unsponsored Q&A Series - Ross Montandon

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Advanced Water Endorsement Training Canoe – April 2014

The Advanced Water Endorsement (AWE) is for coaches who wish to operate in advanced conditions. For Canoe this is Grade 3 rivers and in winds up to Force 5 on bodies of considerable open water.


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