Check out the first in a series of GoPro posts by Simon Wyndham

With video production and video & film technology journalism being my main professions in life (I’m currently the deputy editor of RedShark News if you’re interested) I am quite often asked how to get the best from cameras, and how best to edit. To quote Anthony Hopkins as the elder Zorro, this is going to take a lot of work!

Okay maybe not a huge amount, but effort will be involved. I’m mainly going to talk about the GoPro cameras, particularly the Black Edition from version 5 onwards, with a focus on the 6, because frankly these are the best on the market no matter what’s the on-paper specifications of rival cameras tell you. Paper specs only tell you half the story. I know there are alternatives such as the Yi 4K cameras. But those have limitations such as the LCD screen being completely impossible to view in daylight. And if you are going to get varied shots, having a screen that you can actually see is important!

The GoPro Hero 6 Black has a huge and varied set of settings that can be adjusted, and an extremely comprehensive number of frame rates and resolutions. So much so that to the technically uninitiated it can be completely befuddling.

Having said that, much of what I say here is still quite highly transferable to other makes. Mainly because making good video is down to how you use the camera rather than the features it has. But… And there is always a but, the settings you use will still have a big influence if you know how to use them.

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