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Scottish Islands Peak Race 2016

We have another team of Unsponsorables taking part in the Scottish Islands Peak race.

Scottish Islands Peak Race 2016

This year the team will be carrying Yellow Brick gps tracker so you can check online how well or otherwise they are doing, the course they are sailing, and where the hell they are!

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Scottish Islands Peaks Race 2014

After a couple of years off, the team from Caol Ila decided to have another shot at the Scottish Islands Peaks Race. For us who are not regular runners, it takes a fair bit of effort to get from practically zero fitness into a state where we feel we can take on the SIPR hills. This year we were helped by having a couple of new guys join the team for the first time: My friend Andy from Dundee Uni Rucksack Club days and his mate Dave, both of whom are proper hill runners (especially Dave).


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