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Just A Few Swimmers

Just a few swimmers from day one of the National Student Rodeo 2019.



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National Student Rodeo

The National Student Rodeo 2019 begins in just over week. This huge annual event takes place each March in Nottingham in the UK. Last year the event was cancelled due to some horrendous weather conditions here in the UK. The year before that the water quality on the whitewater course wasn’t good enough so the event was pushed onto the flat water lake near by. This year it will hopefully be good water and blue skies.

National Student Rodeo
Rodeo Rabbit

We’ll be there helping to make care of the media side things. In the meantime here is a throw back to some of the action from the last couple of years.

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NSR Old School Competition 2015

NSR Old School Competition 2015

At last weekend’s National Student Rodeo I took a few minutes of video during the Old School competition.

The raw footage can be seen here.

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National Student Rodeo 2015 – II

I have over 1k of images from this year’s National Student Rodeo (NSR). Some have already been posted on the site and on Unsponsored’s Facebook page.

National Student Rodeo 2015 - II

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Liquidriot Duo Kayak

Somethings shouldn’t work but they just do. How about creating a Duo kayak from a couple of damaged creek boats that you might have lying around? Sounds pretty good, a nice little weekend project.

The kayak below was spotted at the 2015 National Student Rodeo here in the UK.

Liquidriot Duo Kayak

Here’s some inspiration from the UK, the home of 19th century industrial dominance – the LiquidRiot Duo kayak.

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NSR 2014 – Topo Duo Action

unsponsored_NSR_2014 (8)

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NSR 2014 – Black And White

A few more images from the National Student Rodeo.

unsponsored_nsr_20140 (1)

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National Student Rodeo 2014

A few images to be getting on with. Currently sifting through 2k of images!


unsponsored_nsr_2014 (8)

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National Student Rodeo (NSR) 2013 – Photoset II

National Student Rodeo 2012

Images from last weekends NSR at HPP. Photographs by Nick Wright.

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