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Movie Monday – Olaf Obsommer Special

Born to paddling parents, Obsommer’s entire life has been on the water, and he’s been filming whitewater since 1992.

The award-winning filmmaker and producer is a living legend in whitewater kayaking. 

So this Movie Monday is a special one involving movies by Olaf or have him/his footage in them. Enjoy!

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HIPS 2. – How to Improve Your Paddling Skills

HIPS 2. - How to Improve Your Paddling Skills
HIPS 2. – How to Improve Your Paddling Skills

Francesco Salvato has dedicated his life to the kayak and descended the rivers of all 5 continents. Much in demand as a teacher, his 30 years of experience have been concentrated in this video. Director of the Free Flow kayak School, master of kayaking, in charge of the training of instructors for the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation, Francesco Salvato has written several books on the techniques of the kayak. His studies of physical education and of subjects linked to sports technique and instruction make Francesco one of the world’s great experts on kayak technique. A complete video, open to all, from the beginner to the expert kayaker. The technique of the kayak is addressed in a comprehensive way, starting with the basics and advancing to refined white water technique, river rescue and freestyle.

Hips is a big-O-production by Olaf Obsommer.

Hips is powered by: Teva, WaveSport, Peak UK, Kayak Session, Sweet, Robson, Gravita Zero

Olaf Obsommer
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The Legend of Muksu – Review

The Muksu is regarded as the most difficult rivers in the former Soviet Union. Extreme whitewater, extreme lines, and extreme scouting in the heart of Tajikistan, all of which has been beautifully captured by Olaf Obsommer.

The Legend of Muksu - Review
The Legend of Muksu – Review

This 41 minute “on demand” video follows a highly talented kayak team on a six day drive, a 20 mile hike and 10 days on the river.

Is it worth a watch? Yes, most definitely. I found myself pausing the video a few times just to try and spot some of the lines.

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UNVERGLEICHLICH is a short film by Jonathan Brunner.


UNVERGLEICHLICH is the German word for “incomparable”. This edit had its premier at Olaf Obsommer’s Kajakfilmfestival, a month ago.

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First Year Roundup – The Ace of Spades

It’s always good to hear that others like the same things as you do. We love the Ace of Spades here at Unsponsored HQ and we still have one of the very first as our main kayak.

First Year Roundup - The Ace of Spades

Adrian Mattern speaks about his first year with the Ace of Spades, with footage from Norway filmed by Olaf Obsommer.

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