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Dagger Kayaks – Another Phantom

Brendan Wells posted this image of a new Dagger kayak. It’s another Phantom. The Phantom name is given to most if not all Dagger prototype boats.

Dagger Kayaks - Another Phantom

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Jackson Kayak Antix

Jackson Kayak have two new whitewater kayaks being showcased next week at the Outdoor Retailer show, the Nirvana and the Antix. The Antix has much in common with the slicey river running playboats from a few years ago. From what I see across the industry I think this year marks a significant refocus of designers away from the super short bouncy playboats of recent years. I think 2017 will see a focus on super fun river running, cartwheeling, blunting, and carving designs. Think Pyranha Loki, Lettmann Plan B, Riot Disco, Soul Gonzo etc.

Jackson Kayak Antix

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Jackson Fun – Launch

It looks like the river running, fun to paddle/play kayak is back. Everyone doesn’t need a creeker all of the the time. This exactly what the guys at Jackson Kayak think, so to that end Jackson have just finished their first production of the new Fun in the 2014 mold. Looks like it could be a winner.

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