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The Salad Days: The Illustrious River Career of Herman Hoops

The Salad Days: The Illustrious River Career of Herman Hoops.

“A river trip in a boat is a magic carpet. It’s a ballet and you can feel in the oars what the river is saying. That’s the part that’s really hard for me to give up, that feeling of using all my knowledge and skills to dance on a river. If you’re a river runner, this is it, man…” 

In the final chapter of his life, legendary river runner and activist Herm Hoops has the opportunity to take one last river trip through his treasured Desolation Canyon on the Green River. “Salad Days” gives us a rare glimpse of what it means when a person has the chance to reflect on a lifetime of passion and river running as they knowingly go through the stages of dying.

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Rafting the Kali Gandaki

The Kali Gandaki is a River and Soul favorite! This river is named after the Goddess of Destruction, Kali, and known for sixty rapids in 60 minutes. The Kali Gandaki is normally a 3 day trip however you can up it to a 4 day trip by starting further upstream if you are keen for it. It is full of thrills, twists and turns, ending in a calm jade green reservoir.

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Movie Monday 28 November 2016

Movie Monday 28 November 2016 is right here, right now, heralding the start of the working week. Where did the water go? We have a carefully selected batch of whitewater edits to distract you away from whatever task you would prefer not to be doing.

Movie Monday 278 November 2016

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Tyne Tour 2016

A cold and wet day was had sitting on rescue rock yesterday. Water levels on the North Tyne were not bad and were on the rise for the whole day. It was great to see so many new paddlers take to the water and take on the challenge of Wardens Gorge.

Tyne Tour 2016

There didn’t seem to be as many capsizes at the bottom of the gorge as usual but quite a few at the very top with a number of paddlers ending up swimming the entire gorge.

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How To Make A Flip Line

The is How to Make a Flip Line edit from US based NRS is a great watch.

How to Make a Flip Line

A flip line, or guide belt, made with a length of webbing and a locking carabiner, has many different uses for kayakers, rafters and canoeist. In addition to helping flip an overturned raft, you can use it to make a rescue anchor, boat tether, rescue harness, etc. Swiftwater rescue instructor Jim Coffey shows how to build yours.

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Whetman Equipment – Ring Pull Prussik

More innovative gear from UK based Whetman Equipment. This time it’s the Ring Pull Prussik.

Whetman Equipment - Ring Pull Prussik

The Ring Pull Prussik provides a simple fast rope grab for hauling on a line in river rescue.

6mm red prussik cord
6mm stainless ring

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Dirty First Aid Series – Part 4

Lets just recap the principles of First Aid:

To preserve life
To protect the casualty from further harm
To promote recovery

Remember here that it also goes past the ‘find it, fix it’ to after care. Keep looking out for delayed symptoms and general health following the incident.

Good river guides come across this on a daily basis.

It’s about client care first and foremost.

This short tale from raft guide trainer Mark Hirst highlights the issues.

Dirty First Aid - Part 4

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Walk into any climbing shop and you’ll be presented with a wide array of carabiners, loads of sizes, loads of shapes, loads of colours and a range of prices.

What ever carabiner you choose to buy please make sure that it is a type that is rated for climbing/caving and that it is suitable for job you will be asking it to do. A carabiner suitable for climbing will have its strength rating forged, stamped or etched on it. It should also conform to the relevant PPE standard (EN 12275, the standard for mountaineering connectors), this again should be present on the carabiner.


There are some really super light carabiners available out there that are great for climbing but could be too easily damaged/compromised whilst on the river. In instances where hauling, belaying or security are required locking carabiners are best. I carry four locking carabiners as part of my kit, but also have a couple of non-locking carabiners in my boat for clipping gear into that can be called into service if required.

The number you should carry is subjective – Mountainbuzz, Pin Kit.

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The Grand Canyon IS

The Grand Canyon IS

This is how I decided to share my adventure down the Grand Canyon fall of 2015, some great times, great lines, and great people! thanks Y’all!

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Martina Wegman – Eps 3

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 09.36.24

Martina Wegman finally got to tic off a trip down the mighty Grand Canyon. The trip was organized and leaded by Luc Strickland and included sixteen people, four rafts and four kayaks. “It was great being off the grid with no cell phone reception or media, being surrounded by stunning scenery and an epic crew”. Continue reading

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