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NRS Co Pilot Rescue Knife

If you are using a throw line on the river I firmly believe that you need to carry a knife capable of cutting the line you are using.

NRS Co Pilot Rescue Knife

There are two schools of thought on how a knife should be carried. The first option is to have a knife stored in such a way that it does not create a snag hazard but still remains accessible. The choices on how this can be achieved is limited and really relies on using a pocket on your PFD. The second option is to carry a knife clipped onto the outside of your PFD. By doing this you are accepting that there will be an increased snag risk but the knife will be readily accessible. The other issue with knives that are mounted on the outside of your PFD is that it should remain secure until it is required to be used. Continue reading

NRS Hydroskin Socks

The NRS Hydroskin Socks will protect your feet and keep them warm in the water without the bulk of a heavy neoprene sock. NRS HydroSkin Socks are the ultimate wetshoe liner and they work great with sandals too.The 0.5-mm neoprene core insulates and protects.

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NRS Green Knife

On arriving home from work today I was greeted by a package sent by Rapid Kayaks.

Within the package was one of the new NRS Green knives. If you are not familiar with the NRS range your really need to check it out. It’s pretty hard to get hold of it over here in the UK but Rapid Kayaks do have a good selection of their kit.

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