The first of the 2014 Unsponsored Q&A series has landed.

First up is Tom Parker. Tom Parker of is one of the UK’s most talented and experienced white water kayakers and coaches. With over 20 years experience on the water Tom has kayaked in around the world.

Tom started his coaching and guiding business in 2005 with the aim being to offer high level technical coaching in white water kayaking, comprising of skills courses in the UK and Europe, coach and leadership education and development, along with the full range of BCU courses.

As a talented boater and coach I was excited that Tom agreed to take part in the 2014 Q&A series. Enjoy….


How did you first get into kayaking? Who introduced you to the sport?

Me and a load of my mates had just moved up into scouts from the cubs. Around the same time, the troop were putting a kayaking course on. I wasn’t too keen but my mates convinced me and it turned out to be quite fun.

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