Two Little Slovenian Gems

The whitewater enthusiasts who know Slovenia, probably only know it for the Soca river. But when the snow melts, or the rain pours Slovenia is the place to be. We have so many little rideable creeks that run with just a little rain. In a 80 km radius, you’ll run out of strength before you run out of river names.

Two Little Slovenian Gems from Matjaz Luzar on Vimeo.

In this short video you can see Trziska Bistrica which is a superb road run. If the water gets high it also gets very pushy. The second gem its a waterfall called Grmecica, located in Bohinj.

Once again Slovenia has to offer more than just Soca!

Filmed using the best action camera on the market.

Kayakers: Matjaz Luzar, Jan Praprotnik
Video & edit: Urban Bajric
Additional help: Matic Udir