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Day: 27 April 2012

Genes – Advanced WW Techniques

Genes Advanced Whitewater Techniques is another little gem from Westgarth TV, this time covering Grade IV/V skills like running big drops, boofing and slides.

The Blurb

GENES, the third in Simon Westgarth’s Gene17 series. This time aimed at Advanced White water technique for running Class 4 and beyond. The focus is on paddling slides, drops and waterfalls, with the introduction of key skills such as flaring the boat through a drop, plus the development of boofin’ and promotion of driving the boat through the rapids. The central theme is the clarity of vision an advanced paddler requires to be able to get more from the river, their boat and themselves. Continue reading

Aerial Flip Turn

To pull this moves you’ll need a good fast wave and a boat that carves well. Nice sharp rails and even fins can help.

Get youself esatblished as close to the top of the wave as possible. As you feel the boat surge down the face of the wave at maximum speed, use a stern rudder to start turning the boat and start a flat-spin. Once your boat is almost sideways use an aggressive ‘hip flick’ to over edge the boat in the turn (edge the boat down stream). This aggressive flick should then force the boat out of the water and into the air. Continue reading

River Tees – Egglestone to Cotherstone (Racing Stretch)

The stretch of the Tees from Egglestone to Cotherstone is know as the racing stretch due to its use as a ww racing venue. Access at Eggleston Bridge has been dodgy for some years so you are better off heading up stream to put on at Middleton. The outdoor centre at Middleton is a pefect place to get on, it can found just outside of town on the road to High Force. As you leave town you’ll go over a stone bridge which has a tight left hand turn. As you head up the bank you’ll see some new houses on the left. The outdoor centre lies just beyond the houses. Don’t park in front of the house, just call into the outdoor centre and ask if it is OK to leave your car. 9 times out of 10 it will be OK. From the Outdoor centre a short 200m walk down a narrow footpath takes you right down to the river. Alternatively park in town and walk down to the river.

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Pyranha S6f – Review

Review by James Bebbington – Team Pyranha

Obviously I will be biased towards Pyranha boats as Pyranha sponsor me but these are my actual opinions and thoughts of the boat and how I have found it over the time I have been paddling it.


I weigh about 10 stone and am 6ft tall with long legs. I managed to fit comfortably in the boat and could even move the seat 3 quarters of the way forward if I wanted (without the shock block in).

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